Sunday, December 25, 2016

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DEC 22, 2016 — Greetings friends, 
This update is extremely important as it pertains to the rights of all American citizens. On Thursday the House passed a bill that will make microchipping Americans legal. 
The bill is known as Kevin and Avonte’s Law, and the idea behind it is that mentally disabled people who are microchipped will be easy to locate if they get lost. This is a giant step toward universal microchipping of everyone. Unfortunately, most Americans did not even realize that this bill was being discussed. 
H.R. 4919, which passed 346 to 66 in the lower chamber, mandates the U.S. attorney general award grants to law enforcement officials so that those agencies can create, establish and operate “locative tracking technology programs.” The bill was approved by a margin of almost 300 votes which means that it had support from representatives in both parties. Now we wait and see what the Senate will do, and then it will be up to our President to either veto it or not.

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