Friday, December 2, 2016

Rasheed Jamal - Simply Beautiful (Super Ugly) [Jam of the Day]

Rasheed Jamal compliments his stand out track from his 2015 effort, SANKOFA with new visuals. The rapid fire flow is a perfect fit for the laid back beat with the smooth horn to bring it all together.

On this track in particular, we see an artist coming into his own; holding a flow that is on point and the artist proves he is simply untouchable when it comes to these beats and rhymes.

One of my favorite artists from Portland, Rasheed Jamal's newest video is clearly Portland at it's best: Spring and Summer time. We even hear Jamal comparing his path to that of Yeshua's. Clearly confident, clearly holding his mind and his grind right: Rasheed Jamal is an artist to pay attention to and much deserving of Respect. Jamal also tips his hat to Houston legend Scarface as well as 2pac with a few proper lines.

Rasheed Jamal is on his toes on Simply Beautiful and the video is simple and lends credence to the flow and the track as a whole. Something about following Jamal and his crew around Portland that just makes me feel good about life, love and this song!

If you're new to Rasheed Jamal's music or his FRSHTRB conglomerate, click here for an interview with the immensely talented word smith and artist.

Rasheed Jamal - Simply Beautiful (Super Ugly)

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