Friday, November 4, 2016

Umar Bin Hassan Reads a Poem For Huey P. Newton

Umar Bin Hassan is one of my favorite poets in the history of this great art form. His cadence is always terrific and the way he delivers each poem is straight from the heart. Check him out on some of the old recordings from The Last Poets and you'll know what i'm talking about.

Hassan has the ability to connect with the crowd because of his signature delivery. The way he enunciates certain words and his spacing between phrases is phenomenal.

Aside from his delivery, i love this man's poetry because he speaks to me, he speaks for oppressed peoples and he lifts up with his words. It is amazing, this man's resilience, how he's lived through so much pain and agony yet he remains steadfast in his joy, mission and labor.

Every time i hear Umar Bin Hassan speak his poetry, i hear intense gratitude and happiness in his voice. But most of all i hear a determination: a fire that can never be put out, no matter how tough things seem to be, he still rises above it and delivers his Peace like a true Legend.

It was days spent with The Last Poets recordings that made me realize how powerful my own words are and can be.

Salute to Huey P. Newton! Salute to Umar Bin Hassan! Salute to The Last Poets!

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