Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Talib Kweli and his Javotti Media family are often invincible, always determined and reflective on Awful People Are Great At Parties

If you enjoy great lyrics, classic boom-bap, neck brace beats combined with reflections on the music industry and life's ups and downs; then Awful People Are Great At Parties is for you!

The case is made strong with the release of Awful People Are Great At Parties: Javotti Media Group is a force to be reckoned with! There’s not one skippable track or one appearance that can be viewed as weak on this release. This release begs to be played all the way through. It took me a few plays to pick out my favorite tracks but rest assured Talib Kweli has surrounded himself with nothing but all stars. Chazmere and NIKO IS shine particularly bright here. K’Valentine is a comet of brilliance on her track Delusional as well, asking, “You ever meet someone you can see through?”

Whether it’s Space Invadaz doing a party track or Thanks Joey providing effervescent, neck-snapping beats; Javotti Media Group is chock full of world-class talent and ground breaking artists.

The thing that struck me most after spending some time with Awful People Are Great At Parties is it’s continuity. It doesn’t feel like a compilation. Given Talib Kweli’s numerous appearances on this release, it feels like a Talib Kweli album. Whether his intention or not, Kweli’s heavy presence on this compilation is greatly appreciated. Bringing his high powered, rapid fire delivered and heavy verses he’s known for, Kweli is also present on the hooks as well. This makes it feel like it’s his project.

Given Kweli’s heavy New York City influence, and being from Brooklyn, this release has a healthy balance of a combination of geographically influenced sounds. That being said, it’s refreshing to hear many of his southern comrades such as Big Gipp, Corey Mo and Scotty ATL on this project. Another high caliber collaboration from a southern artist is NIKO IS on Smoke Somethin’. The Orlando based Brazilian artist brings that raw sound and southern-drawl yet keeps the flow technically on point and precise with Kweli on the duo’s track dedicated to the ever-potently creative inspiring plant we know as that ganja!

This compilation was so fun to listen to and keep going back to because of the plethora of personalities Kweli recruited to get down. Although it feels like an album, it’s a thick with multiple personalities, voices and points of view. Culturally diverse, and all encompassing; this release is sure to have something for the lovers of many different styles of Hiphop.

My two favorite tracks come well equipped by the Space Invadaz. Getting down over a Hi Tek instrumental on the always inspiring, uplifting and motivational track titled, Wait; the Space Invadaz were a breath of fresh air. I had never heard them before and I was pleasantly surprised. Wait is one of those tracks to put on in the morning to get ready for your day. After the first play I was left feeling somewhat invincible. That song gives me strength and motivation to stay dedicated to my work, life and love! Later in the release, Space Invadaz get down over a J Dilla instrumental. I would have loved to hear the conversations between them and Talib Kweli about picking that beat for that song, and how they got the opportunity to rock over one of the greatest beats on this release. It is well deserved, Space Invadaz murked the Dilla beat!

Although Awful People Are Great At Parties comes equipped with production from legendary cats like Nottz, Hi Tek and Dilla; it is some of the lesser known (yet still tailored to the road of greatness) producers that really blew me away. And Repeat, a track produced by Thanks Joey, is sure to rattle trunks for blocks upon blocks. The strings near the end are impeccable. Thanks Joey also delivers on his two other efforts near the conclusion of this release. Tamahmgiso is a laid back, bass heavy, chill type beat that inspires Chazmere to reflect, “the way the NYPD move, I’ma cop for vests for everyone in my projects.”

Despite the tongue-in-cheek title, Awful People Are Great At Parties is chock full of reflections on Hiphop culture, the political climate of the culture and America. If not already well established by this point in his career, Talib Kweli lets it be known that he is a man of the people. On the high light track, Every Ghetto Part 2, Kweli reminds listeners what life is like in the ghetto. His ability to make it out is no less marked with perseverance as willingness and a need to let anybody still in the struggle that they can make it out too. Kweli doesn’t forget his people, ever; and it is made clear who he is speaking to, for and who he represents.

It is on Every Ghetto Part 2 that Kweli’s flow is the most polished and at this point he uses this rapid fire delivery and consciousness to remind listeners who’s at the helm of operating this machine of Javotti Media.

All in all this is a great release. There’s something for everybody here. Long gone are the days when conscious rappers aren’t allowed to have fun. There are songs for turning up and there are songs for turning down. Me personally, I can’t always be listening to the club bangers. Sometimes I need something to think about, something to contemplate when I feel like spending time by myself.

That’s what impresses me most about Talib Kweli and his counterparts here: they keep things balanced. This is party music. You can have fun with it. At the same time, this is music to enjoy in solitude. You’ll be given something to move your body to as well as contemplate when you’re in need of some time alone. I love turning up and partying but I need something more sometimes. We need to maintain balance and have options for the Friday nights as well as the Sunday mornings. You get that balance with Awful People Are Great At Parties.

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