Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Poland Rediscovered: Krakow, Auschwitz, and Warsaw

World traveler Rick Steves takes a tour of Poland. He starts in Krakow and ends up in Warsaw. One thing i didn't like about this video is it doesn't visit one of the most history-rich cities in Poland, Lublin.

Steves continues to explore what the Gothic art impact was in Poland, considering it's influence is quite heavy. i especially enjoy the scenes in the summer time, as Poland is known for it's bitter winters but it's beautiful weather in the summer time often goes over looked.

All in all, i'm happy to see Poland's bright side high lighted, as we have such a deeper history than simply being the capital of concentration camps during World War 2. While it is important to note and focus on this fact, there is also so much more to Polish culture and her people!

It was also good that Steves touched on the historic King Kazimierz whom my name comes from. He was a king of the people and even founded a university known as Jagiellonian University, located in Krakow, a fact that was left out of this video.

Cheers to Poland and Our Beautiful People!

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