Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wool See - "Departures" (Official Video)

i'll be honest, "Departures" wasn't one of my favorite tracks from Iame's band Wool See release, LifeAlert. When it comes to technical rhyme skill, i was a bit underwhelmed on my first few listens based on what i come to expect frum the talented wordsmith.

HOWEVER, THIS VIDEO IS MURKIFIED! For me, it definitely breathed new life into one of the weaker tracks from an altogether amazing album. As the emcee touches subjects of love and loss, his need for escape is intensified as we enter a (bad?) dream of his, even dropping the ever-gratifying Islamic phrase, insha Allah mid verse.

That is exactly what a Music Video is supposed to do: add new life to the track.

After all, it isn't always technical rhyme killing that is important in Hiphop music. I much prefer a more laid back approach to the rhymes and a polarizing beat when the track's message is heavy, forthright and optimistic (without being corny). Iame is all of these things on this track without being Hipster-ish and coming off as an asshole, a task that many emcee's are simply incapable of when the message is so positive and understanding of the times we're living in.

To read my review of Wool See's LifeAlert that was published way back in December of 2015, via We Out Here Magazine, click HERE.

To purchase Wool See's full length album, LifeAlert, via Heaven Noise, click HERE.

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