Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vince Staples Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #019

i find it odd that i'm dissecting the young brother, Vince Staples, freestyle; but that's exactly what i'm about to do! It brings me much joy to see somebody i've been rocking with since day one continue to grow and improve as an artist. This freestyle is tighter than a lot of the writtens i hear from a lot of cats!

Vince is what the game's been missing and simultaneously craving for a while now. He mixes the street shit with the conscious shit like the greatest emcee's of the 90's and 00's used to do. Staples proves that you can spit hard and still be smart about what this Amerikkkan culture is really about.

How true to form it is that he shows his lyrical muscles next to the Legendary Funk Master Flex! So many quotables in this one freestyle but instead of quoting them, i'll let you listen for yourself.

What a breath of fresh air Vince Staples is! i'm just glad the youngster continues to show and prove why he's one of the illest out right now. The line about Starbucks, the line about what he'd be doing if he wasn't rapping? All of this hits close to home as it is obvious Staples is in tune with reality.

This dood proves that intelligence is one of the highest forms of toughness. After all, this universe is mental and without your mind right, nothing else can be set right. But don't believe me! Listen for yourself.

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