Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Terence McKenna - Alchemy, Magic & the Hermetic Tradition (Lecture)

We were not born to worship nature. For to worship nature is to recognize nature as something different, something apart frum ourselves, Instead, i believe, we were born in order to see our place in Nature. We were put here to recognize our Self in relation to Nature, not apart but rather a part, a portion, a piece, another form of Nature.

In this video, Terence McKenna goes through the ancient Hermetic tradition of Western and Eastern Europe. He highlights the difference between Christianity in the Dark Ages and the change that took form in European culture upon the Greeks touching that ancient tradition.

The Dark Ages was about "humbling thyself" before the Lord. This often reduced man to the rubble of a human being that often hates himself, knows himself as a sinner and nothing more. It can be easy to see how this is an invitation into the depths of Hell.

Rather than worshipping nature, which in theory and in its most base form, recognizes man as a different or alien thing that is separated frum Nature. Let us instead Celebrate Nature as we recognize the Self and Humanity as an integral portion of Nature. This way we can begin to care for Our Selves and our place on this beautiful Earth. The most high and the most low are all aspects of the Human Self.

It becomes a problem when the forces that be in order or in power want us to be less than we actually are. This becomes especially troubling when lead by dictators and men who would wish to control other men.

We were put on this earth to recognize our vastness, our greatness. With the help of Thoth and Hermes Trismagistus, we can come to see that we are just as much a portion of Nature as a magnificent tree, the ocean or even the stars above. After all, our bodies are made of the same chemical properties and physical forms as the actual stars in the sky are. We are made of carbon and oxygen and atoms. As are stars. The grandest form of a star is light. The smallest form of a star is empty space. When we look inside the atoms that constitute our bodies, we realize there is something immeasurable. Something that cannot be quantified and we are made up of a majority of this particular matter: the infinite.

YES, you are infinite. It is time to recognize our place in the cosmos. It is time to remember that we are indeed One with that thing many refer to as God. We are a member of the cosmic energy that revolves around this World, this universe. The Hindus call it Atman. Buddhists know it through meditation. The Abrahamic religions know this Energy through prayer. Whatever the vehicle you choose to recognize this Oneness, the important thing to remember is that it is in You, Me and all of Existence. We are indeed One thing. One People. One Energy.

Let's not forget the magic and wonder that is involved in taking our place in the cosmic wheel that keeps turning, day in and day out. Month by month, year by year. We measure Time with such preciseness that it often becomes tedious. Let's also, in that pursuit, remember that we are Timeless, Eternal beings!

Terence McKenna - Alchemy, Magic & the Hermetic Tradition (Lecture)

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