Monday, October 3, 2016

STEIS guest starring Pooch Hall - LIKE THOSE (Official Music Video)

i was initially hipped to this video by the ever present DJ Mathmatik (who also produced the beat). STEIS is NICE! But yo, let me get real for a minute. My first thought upon seeing the white and black back drop was "oh this shit's gonna be corny!"

Then i saw the dancing (BEAUTIFUL!) women and i decided to let it ride for a minute to see if i was right or wrong. i was indeed proven wrong! This shit is hot! i gotta say, i love the element of surprise, especially on the internet and especialy with Hiphop Music Videos.

STEIS proves to be a keen wordsmith and this is the type of party joint that you can play when you're not feeling a certain freak OR when you are feeling a certain freak and you want her to get the message..haha! Without further ado, this is STEIS' Music Video for LIKE THOSE.

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