Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nikki Giovanni - Gemini

Nikki Giovanni in today's Poetry and Literature scene has cemented herself as one of the most prolific writers in American letters. As a poet she's released many books and her career spans more than 3 decades. This is one of my favorite poem excerpts simply because Nikki Giovanni cannot lose! She always brings power and strength to her words and her reading style is very laid back, relaxed and comfortable despite tackling such "tough" topics as Black masculinity, identity, war and racial injustice.

It is because of her relaxed reading style that i am drawn to her words and concepts. When Nikki Giovanni reads, i listen. Although this is an excerpt frum an essay, i'm marking this under 'Poetry Video' because even Giovanni's prose reads poetically: smooth, rhythmic and strong!

Coincidently, today (10/06/2016) is also National Poetry Day today in the USA. i reckon i'll be posting some more Nikki Giovanni poems today as well. Enjoy!

Nikki Giovanni - Gemini

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