Thursday, October 6, 2016

Little Warrior - "How Do I Be Strong" (Single) [Jam of the Day]

What first struck me about How Do I Be Strong by Little Warrior is her beautiful voice. That was the hook. The line and sinker that drew me in for the whole song was the futuristic-nihilistic beat. At times apocalyptic (check the break downs) and at times hopeful; the music behind the lyrics is dark and ill-tempered.

As should the music behind the lyrics of a song asking such an important question in it's title. The question remains, as Little Warrior explores themes of self-worth, mental health, love and triumph throughout the track. Questions are important in art and especially music, and Little Warrior provides some answers of her own. The beat was produced by Ryan Short for Amendment Music and was released via IAME's record label, Heaven Noise Recordings.

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Written & Performed by Little Warrior. Produced & Mixed by Ryan Short.

Little Warrior - "How Do I Be Strong" (Single)

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