Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alan Watts - Defining the Illusion

Alan Watts takes a look at the Illusion of so called reality. He tackles psychoanalysis, psychology and physiology. Alan talks about our limitations of our intellectual life, as well as a bit of a prophetic hinting at the prospect of computers and their place in society. Alan also hints at the relationship between the human being and the universe, claiming a sort of Oneness, as per usual for Mr. Watts.

Indeed, human beings are not separate frum this universe nor the world we find ourselves in. We are mere expressions of this world. Another form of energy that is expressed intelligently and coherently within the expression of the whole. It should be obvious, he says, that we cannot exist in this environment other than all the elements of this world "going with us".

We must describe the behavior or organisms along with the behavior of their environment...in order to arrive at a field of study, a holistic approach to understanding both organism and it's environment. If we separate the environment and the organism we find in that environment, how can we attempt to understand either of them?

"Your face is your mask," he continues, "therefore the question is what is behind the mask?"

Our bodies do not arrive in a vacuum, our environment that produces our bodies go with a very complicated natural environment, Alan argues. The body is as much an integral part of the environment as the head, as the limbs, etc. We change our environments by location but we are always finding ourselves on this One Planet.

If we are to understand the organism, in this case the human being, we must also understand the environment in which the human being belongs to.

The hallucination, Alan argues, is present when we take away the very nature of the environment when trying to arrive at an understanding of the person we find in that environment.

Alan Watts - Defining the Illusion

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