Friday, October 14, 2016

2pac + The Outlawz - Still I Rise Full Album (1999)

i have no clue why the original album got deleted frum YouTube but i used to listen to that all the time on somebody's channel. i am a bit urked that the person who posted the unreleased Full Album to YouTube didn't give credit to The Outlawz in the video's title. Se la vie but this is a 2pac + The Outlawz album, NOT a 2pac solo album.

This album was pivotal in my development as a young man. i was born one day after 2pac and he is the Greatest so of course i idolized him as a young kid. His discography speaks for itself but i was into 2pac's music and life story heavily. It inspired me as it inspired a lot of other people, white, black, brown, yellow and red.

This album in particular changed a lot of things as a 13-year-old in my mind and in the way i approach life. i was reading The Art of War and going into my Freshmen year of high school in 1999. i loved this album because quite frankly The Outlawz never got enough credit for being apart of Pac's crew.

The Outlawz hold their own and shine in their own right on this album! My favorite Outlaw was and still is Napoleon. His voice, subject matter and delivery are equal to Pac's (IMO) on this album.

But i love 2pac + The Outlawz - Still I Rise because Tupac Shakur was "larger than life" during his time on earth and a man is nothing without his crew. In the ghetto, the hood, in life and in the music industry. Pac was known for being a "loner" or an outcast and for craving and loving his solitude. But he also loved people and especially loved his crew. I love Still I Rise because The Outlawz clearly were a major part of his development and success in the Music industry. He never forgot about that and he never lost love for his crew, frum what i can gather.

As a testament to 2pac's longevity and prolific career, i've included an "Unreleased" version of Still I Rise that i found on YouTube as well. Enjoy.

Click HERE to DL 2pac + The Outlawz album Still I Rise

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