Thursday, September 15, 2016

Elevation by Daniel Wojciech

by Daniel Wojciech
if you have
ever folded
your hands,
closed your eyes
and watched your breath
from underneath
your eye lids
then, you know
if you have
ever sat
a great oak
tree, and
watched birds
flutter about
their movements,
then, you know
i could never
declare myself
strong, tho
i know how
to declare
you strong
if you have
ever walked
the city's (any
city) streets and
didn't tip-toe
around a homeless
then, you know
your soul.
are we living
or dying? becoming
who we actually are.
in solitude, the
answers do not
seem as clear cut,
meekness, frailty
shadows dance
with the wind,
the truth about
the sun is that
it is another
star, pulled
closer by
the fingers
of God.
are we living
or dying? becoming
our own hopes
and wishes, false
prophets will
seldom get rebuked,
while real messengers
will be
met with doubt
and fear.
the ego binds
to the mind, people
find perfection
in their burdens, shoulders
are to lean on, your
eyes are not wrong
to grow tears, your
time is fleeting,
passing you by
like a drunk driver
in the carpool lane,
your time is here
to greet you, like
an able bodied
mother parking
in the handi-capped space.
if you have ever
remembered your
dreams, after
waking in the morning
then, you know
you can
greet the silence
with rose petals,
if you search
for the stillness,
the mind will
move towards

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