Thursday, May 15, 2014

Atmosphere's New Album Southsiders

Some Atmosphere happenings. The Minneapolis duo released their seventh album last week. There's been some buzz across the internet, including my Twitter and Facebook timelines, and rightfully so. Here's what Slug has to say:

While Southsiders is a celebration of the group’s fortitude, it is also a deeply introspective, and sometimes conflicted, work. “It’s a natural progression from the last record, The Family Sign, which was about growing my family,” says Slug, now a father to three, who finds himself contemplating mortality. “I’m starting to think, ‘What is post–family man? What am I supposed to rap about now?’ I’m sticking to my roots, rapping about what I’m doing, what I think about. 

For a radio interview with Sway, where the Atmosphere MC also performs two songs, click here. For an interview with Jay-Z's Life+Times, click here. For an interview with NPR's Arun Rath, click here.

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And finally, to order the album via Fifth Element, click here.

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