Sunday, April 6, 2014

Milarepa - Yogic Necessity

Yogic Necessity

Because I fear the great rain,
I seek for house to remain in,
Sunyata is my good house,
I find joy where I maintain.
Because I fear the cold,
I seek for clothes to hold,
The inner fire is my dress,
I find warm enough and bold.
Because I fear being poor,
I seek money out of doors,
But find gems within,
Myself is the donor.
Because I fear great hunger,
I seek for some food and beg,
Samadhi is a good food,
I feel hungry no longer.
Because I fear the thirst,
I seek for something to drink.
Mindfulness is a good wine,
I need nothing else to think.
Because I fear being lonesome,
I seek for a friend handsome.
The void-bliss is the best one,
I need no sweet friend to come.
Because I fear going astray,
I seek path which will not betray.
I find the short path is two-in-one,
I am not afraid to lose my way.

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