Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lenelle Moïse - Mud Mothers

Lenelle Moïse performs "Mud Mothers" at the 2010 Split This Rock Poetry Festival in Washington, DC.

In her debut collection of verse and prose, Moïse moves deftly between memories of growing up as a Haitian immigrant in the suburbs of Boston, to bearing witness to brutality and catastrophe, to intellectual, playful explorations of pop culture enigmas like Michael Jackson and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Be it the presence of a skinhead on the subway, a newspaper account of unthinkable atrocity, or the 'noose loosened to necklace' of desire, the cut of Haiti Glass lays bare a world of resistance and survival, mourning and lust, need and process, triumph and prayer.

Haiti Glass Book Trailer:

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