Friday, February 14, 2014

Seeing L.A. Through a Poet's Eyes -- An Interview With Mike the Poet recently spoke to Mike Sonksen aka Mike the Poet about his work, city tours, Los Angeles and other things. I was first introduced to Mike's work back in the myspace days when I randomly stumbled upon his page. I read his work, Mike Davis co-signed him, an author who I enjoyed reading (City of Quartz, etc.). I told him I was an aspiring poet, and he was warm and supportive. After a few months, this dude sent me his debut CD "I Am Alive in Los Angeles!" and a bunch of stickers/artwork from Mear One. I still listen to that CD, it is a glimpse beyond the image mainstream media presents of Los Angeles into what it really is. To read the full interview, follow this link.

To view the "I Am Alive in Los Angeles" amazon page, click here.

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