Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Few Excerpts From Spirtual Notes

I've been reading this book by Hugh Prather off and on for the past few months. It is a great book to read slowly, and meditate and contemplate certain selections from it. Here are a few of my favorite quotes/excerpts from this book.

"We can be spiritual without anyone knowing it. We can heal without anyone knowing it. We can awaken to Oneness without anyone knowing it. But if we start talking about our holiness--painting a picture of how holy we are--we block our holiness." (Pg. 31) 

"To our ego, appearances are everything. Like flannel pajamas, the comfortable part is on the outside where it does no good. Likewise, our physical appearance and outward behavior are everything to the ego, while the thoughts behind our actions are of little concern. Yet in reality, we dwell in our mind, not in our actions. But the ego takes no real accounting of this. So we spend all this time in the morning trying to look prepared--getting the hair right, the clothes right--but we leave home with our minds in disarray.
On a spiritual path, the reverse is true. Form is secondary to content. So if I find myself preoccupied with the question of what to say or do, I am already caught up in the ego. Release the question and let God do the thinking. Now my actions can flow from oneness and peace, taking whatever form they take. There is no question about an action taken in peace. It cannot harm because peace accompanies it." (Pg. 33)

"If you've got someone who seems opposite to you in almost every respect, you've got the right person. In a sense, your partner is the repository of your rejected strengths. Forgive your partner and, together, you become whole....forgiveness gives marriage its center." (Pg. 43)

"Within the heart of God, giving and receiving occur simultaneously. But within a human relationship, giving comes first." (Pg. 63)

"Our function is not to describe God's love or to talk endlessly about it, but to reflect it so that it can be seen." (Pg. 71)

"Prayer doesn't bring reality to light or to life. It's a simple acknowledgment of who and where we already are." (Pg. 77)

"We tend to think of awakening as a single, dramatic event, but it is experienced most often during the small moments when we remember the present and return to our actual nature of kindness and joy. These moments increase and join together as we learn that our divine nature, which is loving, understanding, and happy, links us to everything." (Pg. 104)

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