Friday, January 17, 2014

Milarepa - Instruction


Ph! Son, one's body suffices as temple,
For the wisdom drop is the mandala sample.
One's own mind suffices as the great guru,
All true knowledge comes from it as a rule.
All other things suffice as the sutras,
They are symbols of truth nothing betrays.
Food of Samadhi suffices for living,
In which all Buddhas come for and blessing. 
The Tomo heat suffices for clothes, 
The Dakini gives you the blissful dress.
To cut off all ties is the best consort 
To live alone is a friend of duty. 
To treat foes as guest is to rid hatred. 
To treat hindrance as void is not so bad. 
They all are magic like plays of the mind

-- Milarepa

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