Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wanda Coleman, November 13, 1946 - November 22, 2013

Sad news today. Beloved poet Wanda Coleman died yesterday. While I didn't know her personally, I fell in love with her work from the first time I encountered it. She is a legend in my eyes and will never be forgotten. While she is in a better place now, her work will continue to impact and inspire people for years to come. My prayers are with her friends and family.

For an article written by Mike the Poet upon her being awarded the Jean Burden Award back in May of this year, click here. For an article in the LA Times about her passing, click here. For a video interview and footage of her reading her poems via S.A. Griffin's blog, click here. For more footage of Wanda Coleman reading a poem from Bathwater Wine, click here.

Rest In Power Wanda Coleman.


Loida said...


The first Official trailer for the full-on Documentary Interview with the Brilliant Poet / Writer / Journalist Wanda Coleman.

This is THE Must-See interview if you've ever loved Wanda or if you're interested in finding out what her beautiful life was all about. Interview plus Poetry readings. 90 minutes of unadulterated magic. Check it out for the holidays!

Another Documentary where Wanda can be viewed (GV6 THE ODYSSEY:Poets, Passion & Poetry)

Commentary by Wanda Coleman, Writer & Journalist - Los Angeles

Given that I am from the African-American subculture where questions are used to intimidate, oppress and confuse, it is rare that I enjoy either conducting interviews, or being the subject of them. However, independent and direct in his manner, and radiating empathy (without being precious or solicitous), Bob Bryan interviews his subjects in an unforgettable manner.

Cool yet excited, all in the same moment, he is asks frank, inoffensive questions of genuine interest. At times his questions are startling, because they force the interviewee to assess and summarize quickly, leaving very little opportunity for " B.S.". He does not arouse suspicion, and does not give off the impression that he has some hidden agenda other than the subject at hand. Because of his careful research, he asks questions that have not been asked 100 times before. (In my case, he asked about how I think! This seldom happens.) This does not mean that a Bob Bryan interview is easy. It is not, because, in my case, it demanded that I do some sharp and quick thinking on timeworn-and-worry swollen feet.

Bob Bryan may not know it, but he asks consummate "clean" questions, questions that are free of the sociological garbage of assumption, implication and innuendo - questions that told me, in my case, that he was open to what I had to say, and that if he had any preconceptions, he was keeping them to himself. The Bob Bryan experience is lean, comfortable and professional, and one of the best I've ever had.
---Wanda Coleman, Writer, Poet

Wojciech said...

awesome! Thank you Loida.