Saturday, June 16, 2018

Terence Mckenna - Understanding Things

"My faith is that the horse knows where it wants to go. And we're all being carried along for the ride. Mitsubishi, the Catholic church; whoever wants to try to control it is welcome to try. But it's a perverse thing. We who think of ourselves as 'little' people imagine that owning the Earth must be a great pleasure. But actually the number of ulcer tablets being consumed in the chancelleries, bursaries, and embassies on this planet seems to argue that thinking you own the world is an enormous headache and aggravation. 
The chaos is roving through the system and able to undo, at any point, the best laid plans...all kinds of things are happening. First of all, there are all these fields of research ranging from cryogenics, nanotechnology, psychedelic pharmacology, disease control, machine-human interfacing; you could just list these things endlessly and at any moment, one of these fields could make a break through so fundamental that everything would be changed. 
And, you know, we have 50 of these irons going in the fire. All the time. At the same time. Because the planetary culture is becoming ever so closely knitted together. All its parts are becoming codependent. So an earthquake which destroys central Tokyo would ruin the economy of Belgium. Because the retraction of Japanese capital from world markets would set off reverberations that would be felt everywhere. 
The system is being slaved ever more and tightly to various portions of itself." 
- Terence Mckenna

***** For the astute, here's Dennis Mckenna explaining the lines about who "they" are. Terence refers to being moved from deep cover to PR early in this lecture. Should clear up any misinterpretations + curiosity.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Dick Gregory - The Illuminati, Football and Fame

Comedian/Activist/ Author DICK GREGORY reveals the truth behind The Illuminati (and the Boulè), shares his thoughts on celebrity and athletes and tells the story of how he learned his destiny through the help of a psychic and a brown briefcase in this installment of Reelblack's Video Podcast Series. A Reelblack exclusive. Camera: Les Rivera. Interview + Edit: Mike D. Special Thanks: Lillian Gregory, PhillyCAM, Daryl DeBrest/Sullivan Progress Plaza.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

John Trudell - Identity Crisis / Mining Minds

"We don't recognize ourselves as human beings. Human, bone, flesh and blood. Our DNA, we are made up of the metals, minerals and liquids of the Earth. Human beings, we are shapes of the Earth. Everything of the Earth has being. We all have being. Our being comes from our relationship to the sun, sky, Universe. It's like the sperm that brings life into the water baring womb that is the Earth. 
So our relationship as human beings to the reality of power is our relationship to that reality: being, our power. We're in this perceptional, technological reality where we know they can take the flesh and blood that's called uranium, put it through the mining process and convert its being into energy to run a system. But they do that to us. They take the being part of human and through mining our minds, through the indoctrination and programming of how to perceive reality, they use our intelligence, they use our minds to mine the energy, our being, and turn it into a form of energy to run their system." 
- John Trudell